Remaining Versatile In Handling

Complex Formulations

Aztech Sciences Inc. provides scientific rationale and customized analytical services to support analytical testing for pharmaceuticals, preformulation, and formulation, analyzing pharmaceutical raw materials, formulation prototypes, drug de- livery systems, and finished products.

“Understanding that each client’s project requirements vary, our approach is not a one- size-fits-all methodology, so we are focused and versatile to the project deliverables,” says Alvin Persad PhD, President/Co-founder, Aztech Sciences Inc.

He says that Aztech also handles complex formulations, where the importance of recognizing a robust extraction process is essential to sample preparation and reproducibility. “Identifying the stages of the project’s complexity, timelines, and milestones will allow for the level of scientific creative rationale to proceed with the project, as in the case of an early-stage analytical method development followed by prevalidation testing, eventually leading to a full method validation,” he explains.

One Aztech client expressed concerns about an assay result and needed Aztech to perform a different chromatographic assay method to correlate the results. Note that this molecule does not have any chromophores. Dr. Persad says that Aztech suggested that an HPLC assay method could be developed using a refractive index detector to determine the peak (molecule) of interest. “The extraction, sample preparation, and HPLC assay were completed within a week and the client was able to correlate and confirm that both assay results are within specification from two completely different chromatographic methods,” he says.